09 Mar 2013
Offsite ATM at Indian Oil Filling Station Terre Rouge
Fifth Offsite ATM is operational at Indian Oil Filling Station Terre Rouge
12 Jun 2013
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As we recognize that it is important for our clients to have access to a fast and flexible international payment system, we arrange on behalf of our customers transfers in any tradable currency to any destination in the world. We will convert funds to the currency of payment as per customer instructions at the best available rates.


We use the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system to provide the fastest and safest way of making payments abroad. We also issue Bankers Drafts which can be airmailed or sent by courier by our clients, or by ourselves, on your request.


SBI (Mauritius) Ltd. , has arrangements with a large network of correspondent banks. This ensures that your transfer can be dealt with, efficiently and expeditiously. We can accept your instructions by Fax or letter. This ensures that you can be confident of making payments quickly from wherever you are.

For further inquiries/information contact us on:

Tel: (230) 404 4954

Fax: (230) 454 6968

Email: [email protected]


We have introduced a new facility to enable you to send remittence to India in Indian Rupees through any of our ATMs at your convenience. This is a simple process, involving following two steps:

a. Approach branch for adding beneficiary. You need to know the account number, bank name and branch code of the beneficiary.

b. Use our ATM to remit the amount through Express INR Remit Menu under Transfer link on ATM home screen.

For detailed process of remittance, please watch this video