» 15 Aug 2017
Notice of Dividend
Notice of Dividend - 2017
» 27 Jul 2017
SBIML financial statements
SBIML financial statements
» 01 Jul 2017
Important Communique for ATM Card Holders
All our ATM Card Holders are hereby advised that some international fraudsters may be unauthorisedly using your cards through some skimming attempts...
» 19 Nov 2016
We wish to advise our esteemed customers that in line with the Bank of Mauritius Guidelines the clearing processes are reviewed with effect from 28.11.2016 and .....
» 18 Nov 2016
Important Announcement for Debit Card Holders visiting India
» 09 Nov 2016
SBI Interim Financial Statement
SBI Interim Financial Statement - sep 2016
» 30 Jun 2016
Documentation required for opening of account
KYC Documentation
» 28 Jun 2016
Beware of Fake Websites, Phishing Email Important Safety related Communique for Internet Banking Users
» 13 Jun 2016
Closure and merger of China Town Branch with Port-Louis Main Branch
» 13 Jun 2016
MBA Code of Ethics and of Banking Practice Edition 2016 Web Version
» 15 Mar 2016
Important Communique
Beware of phishing emails, fake websites
» 14 Mar 2016
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on International Usage of ATM/Debit Cards.
» 11 Mar 2016
Important Notice for our ATM & Debit Card Holders Travelling abroad
» 27 Mar 2015
BOM & FSC communique on MasterCard
BOM & FSC communique on MasterCard - 27th March 2015
» 25 Mar 2015
US FATCA Compliance By Mauritian Banks
Compliance by Mauritian banks to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
» 04 Mar 2015
MBA KYC Policy
» 05 Feb 2015
Important Safety related Communique for Internet Banking Users
Our esteemed customers are hereby cautioned against acting upon any unsolicited phishing emails and should avoid giving personal and confidential information such as ‘User name’ and ‘Passwords’.
» 22 Sep 2014
» 08 Sep 2014
Offsite ATM at Super Unic Supermarket
Offsite ATM at Super Unic Supermarket ,Quatre Bornes is operational as from 5 sep 2014.
» 17 Jul 2013
Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit
The Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal limit will stand revised MUR 20,000/- w.e.f 01 Aug 2013
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SBI operates one of world’s largest branch networks, with more than 17,000 branches and offices and has more than 220,000 employees across the globe.  With our Vision ‘To be the first choice solution provider for all banking services’, we put emphasis on a trained and professional workforce.  At SBI (Mauritius) Ltd , we give importance to our employees as we consider them to be our most important asset in delivering good quality service.  The Bank has an innovative and friendly environment  where employees feel challenged to work to their full potential.  We are an equal opportunity employer and one of our strategy is to encourage our employees in their personal and professional development.  Learning and development of our employees are the center of our activities.  Being an SBI employee means that you can benefit from a range of incentives like preferential terms on our Banking products and services.